How Does Online Certification Work ?

Any Candidate willing to take our Certification can do so at the luxury of their home. First they would have to pay the Examination Fees mentioned against each Certification.  Once the payment is successful, the Candidate can schedule their exam and the exam will be activated on schedculed date and time.  

Kindly note,  all the Date and Time are as per IST(Indian Standard Time) Zone.  


How is NewGYuva Certification different from Other Online Certifications ?

Unlike other online Certifications, we do not have many test.  The Board of members meet every 3 months to discuss and decide the latest trends in Banking, Technology, Leadership and Management.  Our aim is to provide the resources duly certified with latest technologies and enable the Companies in selecting right Candidates.

Secondly, we intentionally avoid to have affiliations with any university with a whole objective  of reducing red tapism and increasing time to market Certifications with the latest in the respective Industry.    


What is the validity of the Certificate ?

We believe in constant upgrading of skills.  Hence the validity of the Certificate is for TWO years.  While we do not withdraw the logos and Certifications provided to the Candidates, if any employer approaches us for the validity of the Certification, the actual data will be shared with the Employer.


How Can my Employer check my Certificate Authenticity ?

We have a 24/7  Admin Department to handle the Certificate Authenticity activity.  Hence Employers  from any part of the Globe can contact us through email and a response within 24 hours is guaranteed for any mails from any Employers.


If there is problem with my system or internet and cannot complete the exam, then can I retake the exam ?

NO.  If the candidate once start the exam and due to any internet failure at the Candidate side, will be termed as Failure.  

The question arises what if the the server is down from NewGYuva site.  In order to ensure high availability of the system, we have deployed our test on many cloud platform as backup and hence there is no possibility of outage from our end.  




What is the cost of Certification ? 

Each Certification varies with the price.  The price of each certification is mentioned against each Test  you are willing to take. 


How do I make the Payment ?

A Candidate can make payment using their Credit or Debit or any other Digital payments supported by our Payment Partners Paytm and Paypal.  Most of the Indian Payments are handled by Paytm and international Payments are handled by Paypal.


Can I Adjust the payment made for one certification to Other Certification ?

NO.  You will not have flexibility to adjust the payments made for one certification to other certification.  

Can I get the hard copy of the Certificate I have passed?

Yes. You can order to get a hard copy of the Certificate for the test you have passed.  But there will be a extra cost for the Hardcopy that includes printing, Authorisation and Postage and Insurance Charges to ensure the Certificate reaches you on time and without fail.




If I dont take up the Exam on the Scheduled date, can I claim the refund of Fees?

Yes, provided you opt to cancel the exam 24 hours before the scheduled date, your amount will be refunded to the respective credit or debit card that you have made the payment.  5% Transaction charges will be deducted from the total amount rounded off to the nearest currency note.  For instance if you have made a 10 USD payment you will be refunded 9 USD.



NewGYuva is an initiative to ensure the Certification reaches to all the citizens at affordable prices.  The Certification provide assurance to the Employer that the candidate has requisite knowledge and exposure to handle the expertise. Secondly we trust the candidate taking up the test to assess his skills and use this forum to improve his skills.  

NewGyuva or Compliment InfoMedia will not be held responsible for the performance of the Candidate.