About Us

NewGYuva is an initiative from Compliment InfoMedia LLP (www.complimentinfomedia.com) - an organisation established with a vision to provide those Basic Fundamental Services to the world in Digital Format.       NEWGYUVA - Stands for New Generation Yuva(Yuva meaning Youth or Young) is primarily focussed on providing the Employment and Educational Certification at an affordable price.  

While Technical and Functional Certification are still beyond the reach of Middle and Lower Income Group Families, this was an initiative to reach out to the masses and facilitate the corporates in selection of right skilled resources.

STUDENTS SECTION : The Student Section provides access to many Technical and Functional Certifications at almost 80% lesser than in-Demand Market Certifications.  Secondly we aim to provide those certification that are in demand and Students passing these Certifications have more Probability of cracking the Job Opportunities.  We are also organising Tech Talks from Leading Industry Experts at very affordable rates for our members.  Once the Students gets Certified, he will be authorised to use the logo on his Resume to add more weightage to his Profile.  

EMPLOYER SECTION - "Water Water everywhere but not a single drop to Drink".  This is the current state of our highly populated country.  When a walk-in is organised we see 100s or prospect candidates attending the interview and we end up selecting the best of the worst.  To avoid such scenario, we provide a platform to set the assessment paper to assess the candidate or can use our Certifications to consider the Candidates.  Lastly we provide a platform to share the Events for the Corporates to attract the right skills.  

This initiative has been designed from Venugopal Bangalore Krishnappa - a Leader and an Entrepreneur having 21+ year of industry experience; a Trained Leader from Columbia Business School and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. The design has also been enriched by taking inputs from Leaders from Infosys, CapGemini, HCL Technologies, Accenture, FIS, Oracle Financial Solutions, Citigroup, Barclays and Nordea.